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RP SMA Connectors Introduction RP SMA Connectors Introduction

RP (Reverse Polarity) SMA connector is non-standard version of SMA Connector, and RP SMA connector is developed based on the regulations of FCC for limited purpose of connecting between Wi-Fi and WLAN systems.

In WLAN systems, RP SMA Connector is designed with 50 ohm and demanded working frequency is up to 6GHz. RP SMA male connector has female center contact, and RP SMA female connector has male center contact.

Plenty of RP SMA Connectors, RP SMA Adaptors, various RP SMA Cables and RP SMA Antennas are used in various WLAN devices, and RP SMA Connector is the most popular among various RP RF connectors.

Mechanical Feature:

RP SMA male

  • Inner thread of 1/4-36UNS-2B inside the coupling nut, and the ID is from 5.588~5.740mm
  • SMA Male is equipped with 8mm hex coupling nut allowing to torque by wretch.
  • A silicon rubber O-ring is embedded between outer contact and coupling nut
  • An air gap between center contact and coupling nut
  • Female center contact

RP SMA female

  • 4.32mm length thread for mating purpose, and the outer threadís OD is 6.187~6.327mm
  • Insulator surrounds center contact wholly
  • Male center contact
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