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MMCX Connectors Introduction MMCX Connectors Introduction

MMCX connector is one kind of coaxial RF connectors which have smaller size than MCX connector and were designed in 1990ís with a lock-snap mechanism. The snap-on design permits user to connect and disconnect MMCX connector rapidly in limited spaces.

MMCX connector has 50ohm impedance and usually were specified up to 6GHz. The lock-snap mechanism design allows MMCX connectors to be rotated 360 degrees.

MMCX connector is used in many different applications like GPS tracking, GSM cellular, WiFi or WLAN equipments. MMCX female PCB type and MMCX jack edge mount type connectors are the most commonly seen on Wi-Fi PCMCIA cards as MMCX antenna connector.

Mechanical Feature:

MMCX male

  • Snap-on coupling
  • C-clip on MMCX male for mating captive
  • Outer diameter is 2.4mm max. for mating
  • Male center contact

MMCX female

  • Snap-on coupling
  • Inner diameter is 2.41 min. for mating
  • Female center contact
  • Part of female contact doesnít be surrounded by insulator.
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