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FME Connectors Introduction FME Connectors Introduction

FME connector is one kind of coaxial RF connectors has 50 ohm impedance and offers excellent performance from DC to 3.0GHz. FME connector was designed for mobile equipment, so is the most common choice to be one GSM adaptor cable.

FME connector has M8xP0.75 thread coupling. FME male normally has round tip center contact.

FME female and FME male cable connector are offered for RG58 and RG174 coax cables as extension cable.

Mechanical Feature:

FME male

  • Inner thread of M8xP0.75 on male body
  • Round tip type center contact
  • Male center contact

FME female

  • Coupling nut with M8xP0.75
  • Female center contact
  • A Insulator exposed in air
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