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RF Connector Reverse Polarity SMA Female/Jack 2 hole Panel Mount Connector Crimp Type for Coaxial Cable
Reverse Polarity SMA Female 2 hole Panel Mount Crimp Type

RP SMA Female 2 hole Panel Mount Crimp Type

Impedence: 50 ohm

Meachanical mating: threaded coupling

Frequency: DC ~ 12.8GHz

Body: Brass/Nickel or Gold Plating

Insulator: Teflon

Pin: Brass/Gold Plating

Cable: 0.81, 1.13, 1.32, 1.37. 1.47, RG178, RG316,

RG174, LMR100, RG58, RG142, RG223, RG400,

.085", .141", RG402, RG405

Stardard Type is available


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SMA Interface Dimension

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[...Download Interface Dimension PNG 2339x1654]

Reverse Polarity interface connectors are designed for spread spectrum wireless applications and has been mandated by the FCC, U.S.. per rule 15-203. The Reverse Polarity design will not mate with standard SMA if accidentlly connected.

The Reverse Polarity means Female outer with Male inner or Male outer with Female inner. The Reverse Polarity SMA is commonly used in 2.4GH and 5.8GHz Wirelss LAN Antenna and WiFi Antenna.

The Reverse Polarity SMA design is available in crimp, clamp, solder and PCB type. The performance of Reverse Polarity SMA Connector is excellent as standard SMA Connector and can up to 18GHz.

Applications: Wirelss LAN Antenna, WiFi Antenna, WLAN Extended Cable Assemblies

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