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RF Connectors MCX Female/Jack Straight Connector PCB Mount Type
MCX Female Straight PCB Mount Type

MCX Female Straight Connector PCB Mount Type

Impedence: 50 ohm

Meachanical mating: snap-on coupling

Frequency: DC ~ 6GHz

Body: Brass/Gold Plating

Insulator: Teflon

Pin: BeCu/Gold Plating

Leg Length: 3.9mm


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MCX Interface Dimension

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MCX was introduced in the 1980s. While the MCX uses identical inner contact and insulator dimensions as the SMB, the outer diameter of the plug is .140 inches, which is 30% smaller than the SMB.

This series provides designers with options where weight and physical space are limited. MCX provides broadband capability though 6 GHz with a snap-on connector design. A range of connectors are available, including printed circuit board and cable connectors.

Applications: Automotive, Base Station, Components, GPS, Instrumentations, PC/LAN, Telecom, WLAN, Wireless/Networks Antenna, ...etc.

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