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RF Connectors, 1.6/5.6 Male/Plug Straight Connector Crimp Type for Coaxial Cable
1.0/2.3 Male Crimp Type

1.6/5.6 Male Straight Crimp Type

Impedence: 75 ohm

Meachanical mating: threaded coupling

Frequency: DC ~ 1GHz

Body: Brass/Nickel Plating

Insulator: Teflon

Pin: Brass/Gold Plating

Cable: RG179, BT3002, BT2003, RG59, 3C2V,

2.5C2V, Flex3, ST-212


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1.6/5.6 Interface Dimension

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The 1.6/5.6 series is a European design with two coupling versions: Threaded provides positive mating, Push - pull allows quick installation. We usually make threaded coupling type unless specify. 1.6/5.6 coaxial connectors are miniature 75 ohm units operating from 0-1 GHz.

The compact design of the 1.6/5.6 permits dense connector packing making these connectors ideally suited to applications where space limitation is a factor.

Applications: Base Station, DataCom, Telecom, Routers, and Cable Assembly, ... etc.