Mini / Thin/ Micro RF Coaxial Cable,
Murata MXTK92/88 GSC Coaxial Connector Cable

RoHS Compatible

Mini / Thin/ Micro Coaxial Cable, Murata MXTK92/88 GSC Coaxial Cable, Receptacle Connector,RF Module Cable, Antena Cable, Adapter Cable, Assembly to SMA, FME RF Connectors, 50ohm Cable
Murata GSC Coaxial Connector Cable

Murata GSC Coaxial Connector Cable


Profile: 2.0mm Mated Height

Cable: 0.81mm


Frequency Range: DC 0 to 6GHz (VSWR: 1.5Max.)

Characteristic Impedance: 50 ohm

Temperature: -40 to +90

Rated Voltage: AC 60V

Withstand Voltage: AC 300V

Insulation Resistance: 500M ohm Min./DC 100V

Applicable Technology: IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n, UWB,

WiMax, iBurst, Zigbee, Bluetooth Wireless, MIMO

Applications: Portable mobile, cordless telephone,

Microwave radio, measurement equipment

[...Download Murata MXTK 92/88 GSC PDF spec]

Murata GSC MXKT92 / 88 coaxial connector has 2.0mm Max. mated height

Murata GSC MXTK92 /88 Coaxial Connector Cable

GSC connector is designed and manufactured by Murata and generally applicated for GSM modules. Because of only 2.0mm mated height and high working performance at 6GHz, Murata GSC connector is more and more popular in market. Murata GSC connector can be applicated for hand-held electronic consumer products, such as PDA and Mobile phone. The lead time for MXTK92 cable is 10~14 days.

Murata GSC cable works as a transmittier between two individual PCBs or between PCB and Antenna. The applicable cable is 0.81mm Micro Coaxial Cable and can be terminated with RF Coaxial Connector like SMA, FME, MMCX, MCX, TNC, RP type.