Mini / Thin/ Micro RF Coaxial Cable, Hirose U.FL Coaxial Connector Cable

RoHS Compatible

Hirose U.FL Coaxial Cable Assembly, U.FL-LP-04N1-A-100
Cable Dia 0.81 mm single ended coaxial cable, color:white, Length = 100 mm
Hirose U.FL Coaxial Cable Assembly, U.FL-LP-04N1-A-100

Hirose UFL RF Coaxial Connector Cable

Features: U.FL-LP-04N1-A-100

Profile: 2.0mm and 2.5mm are available

Cable: 0.81mm, 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm


Frequency Range: DC 0 to 6GHz (VSWR: 1.5Max.)

Characteristic Impedance: 50 ohm

Temperature: -40 to +90

Rated Voltage: AC 60V

Withstand Voltage: AC 200V

Insulation Resistance: 500M ohm Min./DC 100V

Applications: Mobile, WLAN, Mini-PCI, PDA, GPS,

Bluetooth, electronic measuring instruments, etc.

[...Download Hirosr UFL PDF specification file]

Hirose U.FL coaxial connector : 2.5mm Max. mated height

Hirose UFL 2.0mm mated height Coaxial Connector Cable

For 1.13 and 1.32mm, Hirose PN is UFL-LP-066

For 1.37mm, Hirose PN is UFL-LP-088

For 0.81mm, Hirose PN is UFL-LP-040

Hirose 2.5mm mated hieght UFL connector are available with 0.81mm 1.13mm, 1.32mm and 1.37mm cable and it's compatible to IPEX MHF coaxial connector. The frequency is up to 6GHz with low loss. For UFL-LP-066 with 1.13mm cable, we can provide a great lead time of 10~14 days after getting your order. The lead time of UFL-LP-088 and UFL-LP-040 is 4 weeks.

Hirose UFL connector : 2.0mm Max. mated height UFL-LP(V)-040, RF Connector, Coaxial Connector, Coaxial Cable

Hirose UFL 2.0mm mated height Connector, UFL-LP(V)-040

Hirose 2.0mm mated hieght UFL connector is designed to terminate with 0.81mm cable and it's the world's smallest low-profile coaxial connector. UFL-LP(V)-040 can be comptabile with IPEX MHFIII 20367-001R and the fequency is up to 6GHz. The lead time is 4 weeks.

2.0mm and 2.5mm mated height Hirose UFL coaxial connector cable can be terminated with various RF Coaxial Connector per customer's request.

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