Manufacturing Process and Quality Guarantee

RF Connector Cable Manufacturer

Production Line Introduction

Wellshow Technology Co., Ltd has high efficient and stable auto production equipment and testing instrument. We also have professional engineer and trained production staff to provide high quality products and short lead time. Wellshow is the reliable manufacturer of RF Microwave Connectors, RF Cable Assembly and Antenna you absolutely can trust!

Cable Assembly Line

RF Coax Connector / Cable Assembly Line I

Cable Assembly Line

RF Coax Connector / Cable Assembly Line II

Automatic Coaxial Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine - Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500MX

With the high precise stripping tolerance controlling, high quality stability and high productivity, we can achieve customer's stripping requests. We have several such high performance stripping machines, and our monthly stripping capacity can up to 500K pieces.

Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500MX

Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500MX

RF Coaxial Cable Stripping

Precise RF Coaxial Cable Stripper

Special Stripping Ability

The special RF stripped cables like products as below picture are commonly used for antenna design. For RF coaxial cables and RF antenna, our ability in stripped length can from 0.5mm up to 300mm. We can conform to your special request easily!

Special Coaxial Cable Stripping

CMC semi-auto Striper - Working O.D. 0.8mm~10.0mm

Semi-Auto Stripper

High precise and stable stripping tolerance control can assure the quality for every batch and meet standard or special requests from different customers. The working OD ability is 0.8mm to 10.0mm.

IPEX Aseembly Machine

All I-PEX MHF series plugs terminated with cables of 0.81mm, 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm, 1.48mm, RG178, RG316 and RG174 are available. Every cable is tested before shipping.

IPEX MHF Crimping Machine

IPEX MHF Crimping Machine

IPEX MHFIII Coaxial Cable Machine

IPX MHFIII Crimping Machine

Hirose UFL / HFL/ WFL/ IPEX MHF / MHFIII connector

Hirose UFL / HFL & IPEX MHF / MHFIII connector

IPEX MHF Coaxial Connector Cable

IPEX MHF Coaxial Connector Cable

Temperature controlled bench soldering machine

temperature controlled soldering machine

Wellshow use temperature controlled soldering machine to hold constant temperature in soldering process. To compliant with the RoHS directive, we have all lead-free soldering process for all cable assembly and antenna manufacturing. All products are RoHS compliant.

Fixture mold, tooling and special tool development

The mechanical equipment such as lathe machine, milling machine and drilling machine are available to set up fixture mold at any time for our production line and testing. This ability is tremendously helpful in keeping product process unhindered, increasing the productivity, shortening lead time, and enhancing the stability of quality. This advantage keeps us in the ahead among many manufacturers.

Quality Assurance

HP Vector Network Analyzer

All RF cables and Antenna we make have to be tested before every shipment to assure the excellent quality. The implement of 100% testing is the most basic guarantee we provide for every customer.

Conforming to customer's request for high frequency, we use HP (Agilent) Network Analyzer to assure the frequency meet, even exceed customer's expectation. We also use HP (Agilent) Network Analyzer to analyze RF Connector, RF Cable Assembly and Antenna product.

Wellshow Technology Co., Ltd. is the most reliable and professional manufacturer you can trust!